Saturday, 23 December 2017

Kazakhstan willing to invest in cereal warehouses in Afghanistan

Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) of Afghanistan said that currently Afghanistan’s strategic warehouse capacity for cereal is estimated to be about 270,000 tons and that government warmly welcomes investors willing to invest in the establishment of cereal warehouses, especially for wheat. Afghan officials said that the establishment of storage facilities, especially for wheat, would help cut down on import costs of wheat that comes from central Asia. Kazakh media reported that Kazakhstan wants to invest in the establishment of wheat warehouses in the country. Afghanistan currently imports thousands of tons of wheat from Kazakhstan annually. However officials in Kazakhstan have not lodged an official request regarding investment in the cereal warehouse sector, but Afghan officials said that with the establishment of such storage facilities, Afghanistan will be able to cut down on import costs, especially that of wheat coming in from central Asian countries including Kazakhstan. “We need strategic reserve facilities to be built in the country, but to make it happen it must come from which address and source? This issue so far has not been discussed between the ministry of agriculture and with the Kazakh side,” said a spokesman for MAIL. Economic commentators say that if warehouses are established along the borders, the Afghan government will be able to decrease its expenditure on the importation of wheat and that it will also help with Afghanistan’s food safety programs.