Sunday, 10 December 2017

A successful female CEO to improve Afghanistan's Pharmaceutical Industry

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On December 4th 2017, Aria Medica’s Chief Executive Officer, Hosna Jalil, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Honorable Professor Mohammad Nasim Sediqi, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, Kabul University.
The MoU is expected to enable the two parties to collaborate more closely on activities and issues of common interest, and enable Aria Medica and Pharmaceutical Faculty to deepen their cooperation, and to improve opportunities as well as sharing expertise. Both organizations will work together on the promotion and organization of workshops, conferences and training seminars, and the dissemination of activities through publications, workshops and conferences. It is anticipated that cooperation will focus on several areas including Monitoring and Evaluation support, provide assistance in conducting deep assessment in Importation, Manufacturing, Distribution and Quality Control of medicine based on modern medicine, scientific and technical methods, as well as Procurement and supply of medical practice, pharmacy care, drug information systems and legislation. Under this MoU, Aria Medica will also provide Faculty’s interns with comprehensive training experiences that contribute to their overall development and help build their confidence and independence.
Through this MoU, Aria Medica will accommodate and build capacity of around 30-40 trainees each year. This unique opportunity helps interns gain valuable experience, training, continued education and potential career advancement at one of the country’s most innovative and motivating local and international companies operating across the country.
  • About Aria Medica
Aria Medica is an Afghan registered pharmaceutical company established in 2016 by an Afghan investor with a team of healthcare professionals, registered with Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Public Health’s National Medicine and Health Products Regulatory Authority (NMHRA), Aria Medica is a subsidiary of Investone Group. The company is committed to serve the Afghan Nation with a focus on the manufacture and sale of high quality pharmaceutical products across the country. Aria Medica offers branded medicines from well known international manufacturing companies across the world with the vision to make remarkable contribution in the improvement of health quality in Afghanistan by investing in the pharmaceutical and health sectors of Afghanistan. The investment in the pharmaceutical sector is directed towards: (1) pharmaceutical local production facilities, (2) importation and distribution of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals including medical supplies and medicated cosmetics. The investment in the health sector will be directed towards (3) hospitals.