Thursday, 16 November 2017

Afghanistan - Is the US really making a war on terror?

>>> ARTICLE by The Heart Of Asia:
Analysts: US aid to Pakistan means aiding supporter of terrorists
A number of political and military analysts describe the fresh US assistance to Pakistan as sponsorship of terrorism, believing that Washington’s warning to Islamabad is intended to deceive Afghan people and the world.
Contrary to what was expected, the US has not yet taken any action against Pakistan, they assert, adding that American officials make harsh statements against Pakistan from time to time in order to continue the game.
Lately, Gen. John W. Nicholson, the top commander of NATO-led troops in Afghanistan, has also said Pakistan has not changed its behavior even following the Trump’s announcement of the new US strategy; however, the US Congress approved $700 million for Pakistan last week, half of which will be given to Pakistan now.
The Voice of America (VoA) Deewa Radio has said in a report that the fund was approved after US Defense Secretary James Mattis confirmed to Congress that Pakistan had taken some steps against the Haqqani network.
Gen. Zalmay Wardak, a military expert, said Pakistan has not taken any action against the Haqqani network or any other terrorist group, and that the US has approved the new assistance for Pakistan for its double-faced game. "America still needs Pakistan to accomplish its goals, and it seems that Washington has still not found an alternative to Pakistan; therefore, it approved the new aid."
The US has been strengthening the supporters of terrorists in the region under the cover of the war on terror, through which it has also been pursuing its strategic ends.
Meanwhile, Wagma Safi, a female lawmaker, stressed that no country needed to explain where the terrorists were, and who trained them!
Talking to The Heart of Asia, she said the US president himself acknowledged that Pakistan has been a supporter of terrorism, so the US aid to Pakistan meant it was unwilling to fight terrorism.
"The US and Pakistan have things in common. It will take time until those common things change. Now, neither Pakistan is supposed to stop backing terrorism, nor will the US halt aid to Pakistan," he added.
Hussain Sajadi, an international relations expert, said the US tried to find an alternative to Pakistan, but either it did not succeed, or “no other country possessed the same capability Pakistan has to implement US projects”.
The conditionality of US aid to Pakistan also sent the message that if the US found another alternative in the region, it would simply desert Pakistan, he asserted.
“America is now compelled to provide assistance to Pakistan to prevent it from teaming up with Russia and China because it is a very experienced player,” he told The Heart of Asia.
According to Sajadi, Afghan government tried its best to encourage a shift in US policy towards Pakistan, but the attempts seemed to prove fruitless because Pakistan has so far maintained its previous status and role.