Sunday, 19 November 2017

Afghanistan - Helping women farmers in central Bamyan province

At least 150 greenhouses have been established for women farmers in central Bamyan province, an official says. Aimed at ensuring food security and strengthening livelihoods for famers, the greenhouses were built at a cost of 4,500,000 afghanis provided from the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL). Abdul Wahab Mohammadi, the agriculture director, hoped the conservatories in Bamyan city, the provincial capital, and Yakawlang district would help increase the growth of non-seasonal vegetables. He said the female growers also received production supplies and equipment and vegetable seeds. All farmers and beneficiaries of the initiative are women and their families. Governor Mohammad Tahir Zahir expressed happiness over the program, calling it useful for job creation as well as helping women. Salima, one of the beneficiaries, told Pajhwok Afghan News all women in Bamyan were unemployed and creating greenhouses would enable them to contribute to their families’ financial situation. Through this business we can at least earn money to make ends meet. And the important point is that such businesses are independent run by women,” she remarked.