Friday, 11 August 2017

Afghan models show is time to break down barriers in the highly conservative society

Kabul hosted a catwalk ceremony on Thursday 10 August 2017 where more than two dozen models, including six girls, displayed the costumes worn by the various ethnic groups in Afghanistan. More than 200 spectators attended the fashion show and praised the models for representing the diversity of costumes in the multi-ethnic country. This was the third fashion show that Kabul has witnessed over the past one decade. Holding a fashion show in a conservative society and amidst Taliban-led militancy is a bold step. Fashion is probably the last thing someone would associate Afghanistan with. But to many people’s surprise, Afghanistan’s capital city Kabul was considered one of the fashionable cities in the 1920s-1970s–an era when Afghanistan experienced a rich culture and civilization and a long history of cultural exchange with the West. The fashion story of Kabul city, entitled “Afghan Adventure”, was featured on Vogue magazine’s December issue in 1969. The decades of war not only took away the western influence of fashion from Afghanistan but also destroyed many traditional fashion and style.