Thursday, 4 May 2017

The Afghan government has approved several contracts worth AFN 6.29bn

The Office of the President of Afghanistan, ARG Palace, said a meeting of the National Procurement Commission was organized in the presidential palace on Sunday evening which was chaired by Afghan President H.E. Ashraf Ghani.
A statement by ARG Palace said the meeting approved 36 contracts worth six billion and two hundred and ninety million Afghanis. The statement further added that the contracts approved during meeting includes road construction, Information Technology projects, maintenance and repairing projects, import of wheat, electrical projects, security projects, and various other projects. The National Procurement usually chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani is considered as one of the key initiatives of the government of national unity to ensure transparency in the award and implementation of governmental projects.
This comes as the Afghan government has stepped up efforts to counter corruption amid reports the Afghan authorities have made progress in the fight against corruption. The United Nations in its latest report said last month that the Afghan authorities have made heady in their fight against corruption although enormous changes remains. The reported titled ‘Afghanistan’s Fight Against Corruption: The Other Battlefield’, states that key component of Afghanistan’s fight against corruption is the dedicated Anti-Corruption Justice Centre (ACJC), with dedicated police and prosecution units, and a new national primary and appeals court, established by Presidential Decree to operate with jurisdiction over the broad range of corruption offences specified in the current penal code, as well as money laundering offences, destruction or selling of cultural and historical relics, crimes against internal and external security, illegal extraction of mines, and land usurpation.
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