Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Italian contribution to the transport infrastructure sector of Afghanistan

Italy, with a contribution of over than 277 Million Euros for the infrastructure sector, has supported the Afghan Government to develop this specific sector for the last 10 years.
The infrastructure works, implemented with the Italian support, are located mainly in the Western Region of the country and benefit a current commitment of 170 million Euros. They are mainly focused on the rehabilitation of the East-West Corridor (aimed at the connection between Herat and Kabul cities), and represents a great opportunity for the economic and social development of the Country. Italy is financing the upgrading of two major road routes, 136 km connecting road between Kabul and Bamyan, Grant worth approximately 99.6 Million Euros, inaugurated in August 2016 and 155 km connecting road between Herat and Chishti-e-Sharif with a Soft Loan worth approximately 92.3 Million Euros and 2.0 Million Euros as a Grant to UNOPS for technical assistance, the Intergovernmental Agreement has been signed on April 19th 2016. The total length of the East-West Corridor is 750 km of which 291 km are being subsidized with Italian funds.
Italy is also financing, with a Soft Loan worth 29.3 Million Euros, the upgrading of the Herat Airport to ICAO Standards. Herat airport is one of the four “international” airports identified by the civil aviation development plan, within the national priority program “National and Regional Resource Corridors”. The initiative will support the inter-connectivity among Herat the rest of the Country and the surrounding Region, will also speed-up the economic development of the area and develop employment and local entrepreneurship.