Sunday, 7 May 2017

ISIS terrorists have become stronger than the past in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan after the United States dropped the "mother of all bombs"

The dichotomy between American words and actions in the war on terror. 
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No one can turn a blind eye to the difference between the words and actions of the United States in Afghanistan anymore.It will be very difficult for Afghans to trust current American slogans in the fight against terrorism without practical changes, because terrorist groups are increasingly gaining momentum under American presence, and also the actions the United States undertake under the war on terror backfire. One recent example of such actions was the use of largest non-nuclear bomb nicknamed as the mother of all bombs, against Daesh (ISIS) positions in eastern Nangarhar province. Following the dropping of GBU-43/Bbomb, also known as Massive Ordinance Air Blast (MOAB), in Achin district, the United States clearly said it was the right weapon used against a tactically right target; however, the reality is in an utter contradiction with the claim. American officials had said the bomb was used against Daesh’s underground command center and tunnel networks, but after journalists visited the area, the claim proved wrong, and casualties claimed to have been inflicted on Daesh terrorists also cannot be verified because no evidence have been shared with the media. In addition to the suspicions exist in this regard, Daesh terrorists have become stronger than the past in Nangarhar after the use of MOAB. In a recent development, fighters loyal to the so called Islamic State terror outfit have claimed to have wrested control of the Chaparhar district located just 15 km from Nangarhar’s capital, Jalalabad, from the Taliban. The residents of Jalalabad say fighting is ongoing in the Akhundzada area on the outskirts of the city. If the MAOB has really been dropped on Daesh’s command and control center, how quickly Daesh regrouped and became strong that it has now even reached the doorsteps of the provincial capital. It is increasingly becoming difficult for people to trust US intentions in the war on terror. If the United States doesn’t provide clarification about its policies in Afghanistan, the skepticism can effectively escalate to a level of real opposition, which will have serious repercussions for American and Afghan governments.

Afghanistan should impel its US-led western allies to really fight against terrorism before the situation spins out of control.

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