Saturday, 6 May 2017

AIR NETWORK, Afghan-Italian-Romanian Team of Professionals

The AIR (Afghanistan-Italy-Romania) NETWORK is an international partnership of professionals in the architecture and construction industries. It was formed in 2014 by the will of Ivo Toniut, CEO of Jalil Holding - a European company founded in 2013 by a young and successful Afghan businesswoman. The main goals were to enhance internationalization and competitiveness of Afghan entrepreneurship and to encourage Afghan businesswomen on European level by strengthening commercial ties and developing cultural relationships between Afghanistan, Italy and Romania; to build an innovative international partnership capable to contribute significantly in the process of reconstruction of Afghanistan, in particularly focusing on the importance that the construction industry may have in the economic growth and development of this Country. During its first years of activity, AIR NETWORK has launched several initiatives that have led to positive results. AIR NETWORK now boasts among its partners, prestigious Italian architects, reliable Italian, Romanian and Afghan construction companies and constructors of furniture, consulting firms, well-known manufacturers and suppliers of building materials, interior designers, professionals and academicians always engaged in searching the ingredients for design; to discover what works, and why it works, allowing architects to find new forms and new materials, and the most amazing environments based on the best possible information. The goals of Ivo Toniut not only have been successfully reached, but they made sure that professional Afghan females are now fully engaged as decision-makers in industry sectors previously hardly accessible to women.

With an Afghan-European network of relationships established in the construction, real estate and architecture industries, in particularly with companies having a strong female representation at top management level, AIR NETWORK has become one of the most reliable reference points for those looking for business opportunities in the Real Estate sector of Afghanistan, particularly in the multi-phased mega-project "Kabul New City" - a shiny new, multi billion dollar Real Estate project in Afghanistan.