Saturday, 13 May 2017

Afghanistan National Procurement Authority rejected over 900 contracts and bids in the last two years

The Afghanistan National Procurement Authority (NPA) said it has saved almost 18 billion AFs by following the correct procedures which resulted in the approval of over 2,000 contracts. With the implementation of a transparent system in the procurement process regarding contracts, officials were able to weed out over 900 incomplete and illegal contracts and bids during the past two years. But officials from the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) and almost all international bidders, said that the time it takes to process contracts and bids creates a lot of problems for contractors and investors. “Currently there are a lot of problems, because today many companies which had signed contracts for mines are facing financial crisis because of issues related to the contracts,” said ACCI spokesman. The Director of NPA, Yama Yari, said that over the past two years they had approved contracts worth 345 billion Afs. He also said the lack of proper management in government institutions and insecurity were still creating problems in terms of implementing projects. “Insecurity and the lack of a strong management system in government institutions are two key factors in our way; there is a need to upgrade the capacity of government institutions,” added the NPA Director.