Sunday, 7 May 2017

Afghan government to build 248 cold storage facilities across the country

The Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) plans to build 248 cold storage facilities worth USD 40 million across Afghanistan in the next two years. Funded by the ministry’s development budget, the cold storage facilities have up to 50,000 tons storing capacity. Eight of these facilities would be built in Kabul, Kandahar, Kunduz, Balkh, Herat and Nangarhar. According to MAIL, USD 700 million is needed to establish cold storage facilities with a total storing capacity of 260,000 in order to meet the countrywide need for these facilities. Meanwhile, members of the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan called on the government to build the facilities according to international standards. The institution claimed that the 250 cold storage facilities built recently in Bamyan did not have controlled moisture, temperature and air-flow regulators.