Saturday, 15 April 2017

Petrol price down, gold up in the Afghan capital Kabul

The price of petrol edged down while that of gold has increased during the outgoing week in the capital Kabul. Abdul Hadi, a worker at the Wazirabad Fuel Station, told Pajhwok Afghan News the price of one liter of petrol decreased from 45 Afghanis to 44 Afghanis while the same quantity of diesel stayed stable at 41afs. Ahmad Javed, a gas seller in the Sixth Taimani Road area, said the price of a kilogram of gas stood at 41afs.
The price of gold increased. Mohammad Fawad, a jeweler in Timor Shahi area, said the price of one gram of Arabian gold increased from 2,250afs to 2,300afs and the same quantity of the Russia variety from 1,800afs to 1,850afs. He linked the hike in gold prices to its value in international markets. However, the prices of food items remain unchanged. Food Traders’ Union head, Fazal Rahman, said a 24.5 kilogram bag of Pakistani rice cost 1,750 afghanis, a 49kg bag of Pakistani sugar 2,330afs, a 50kg sack of Kazakhstani flour 1,150afs and 16 liters of Khurshid ghee 1,130afs, the same prices of last week’s. Haji Rahmatullah, a tea dealer in Kabul Mandavi, said a kilogram of Madina green tea cost 240afs and the same amount of African black tea 260afs, the same rates as last week’s. Ahmad Sharif, who owns a grocery store in Taimani neighborhood, said a 49kg bag of Kazakhstani flour sold for 1,210afs and the same quantity of Pakistani sugar for 2,420afs. He sold a 16-litr tin of ghee for 1,200afs, a 24.5kg sack of Pakistani rice for 1,900afs, a kilogram of green tea for 270afs and the same quantity of African black tea for 290afs -- higher than wholesale prices.

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