Sunday, 2 April 2017

Afghan government will amend mining law as it seeks to prevent illegal mining in the country

According to experts, the existing mining law that was approved in 2014, lacks transparency and encourages further corruption.
The Afghan government is willing to prevent 'national traitors' from illegal mining through reforms and implementation of professional policies. Amending laws on mining, oil and gas and implementation, professional dealing over appointment and contracts are priorities of Afghan government-ministry of mines. Afghanistan cannot remain reliant on foreign aid for ever, and mines are the only reliable source in Afghanistan’s quest to become self-reliant. Afghanistan is estimated to possess more than $1 trillion worth of mineral resources, but they remain largely untapped due to problems of war, corruption, and especially because of a nonexistent rail network and lack of infrastructures. Afghan mines are also being illegally exploited by strongmen and militants under the umbrella of International Organized Crime.

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