Saturday, 4 March 2017

The President of Afghanistan endorses draft amendments to Article 6 of the Population Registration Act, allowing the mention of words 'AFGHAN' and 'TRIBE' in computerized identity cards

A cabinet meeting, chaired by the President of Afghanistan Ghani, endorsed the draft amendments concerning the distribution of computerised ID cards. A legislative decree ratifying the changes was also issued. A statement from the VP office said Article 6 of the Population Registration Act was about the registration of an individual’s particulars in computerised ID cards. The changes endorsed by the president allow inclusion of the word ‘Afghan’ and one’s ethnicity. Draft amendments to Article 6 were introduced and approved last year by the Cabinet’s Rules Committee, headed by 2nd VP Mohammad Sarwar Danish. After the president’s approval, the draft was referred to the cabinet for final consent. After a year, the draft was referred to the cabinet. Besides its approval by the cabinet, the changes were also upheld by the president through a legislative decree. The statement added the draft’s endorsement into the presidential decree removed obstacles in the way of distributing computerized ID cards. The distribution process will be initiated soon. Earlier, some circles insisted only the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan should be written in the ID cards and there was no need to mention the words Afghan and tribes. Many opined that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan should be written in ID cards because other information about holders was saved in supporting database.

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