Saturday, 25 March 2017

The northern Afghan province of Balkh will become major business hub

Balkh province will turn into intersection of Asia and Central Asia, President Ashraf Ghani said during his visit to the northern province. “I assure you that ancient Balkh will again turn into intersection of Asia and Central Asia,”  H.E. President Ghani said during an event in the province to inaugurate new academic year and Noor Hall. He added that Balkh will turn into "a major business hub among Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Central Asia and Russia.”  Balkh, Kunduz and Herat will be connected through railway as China links with Iran. President Ghani also hinted at Pakistan’s closure of border, suggesting that Afghanistan is not solely dependent on trade with the eastern neighbor. “We have several routes… pessimistic people thought that there will be protest in Kabul due to lack of flour. The people of Kabul will not protest,”  he pointed out. On security, the President of Afghanistan said that the 4-year security plan has clearly defined who is friend and who is foe, adding all those who commit rebellion will be dismantled. This is Ghani’s second visit to the province of Balkh after becoming president in 2014. During the election, governor Noor supported the acting Chief Executive of the national unity government of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, but he has cut political ties with him and he is now engaged in negotiations with the president. 

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