Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Afghanistan water is vital natural resource for the country

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said that the neighboring countries should not be concerned with the establishment of networks and water dams in Afghanistan but to support these initiatives. Addressing the 4th national conference on water resources at the Presidential Palace in Kabul, Ghani said that water is for the benefit of Afghan people and the region. “We expect from our neighbors not to be concerned whilst water networks and dams are established but to support these initiatives,” he said. Ghani said that the Afghanistan water is capital of the people and vital natural resource for the country that Afghans are unaware of its true value so far. "Water is our honor and its protection is our national objective." Speaking on the importance of water resources in Afghanistan' agriculture sector, in particular, Ghani said: "Water has a key role in agriculture, particularly for the country that 80 percent of its people's lives rely on agriculture." "This is our national shame and the shame must end, Afghanistan must be exporter of agricultural products, not its importer," Ghani said. The President further said that the proper management of water could lead to reduction of Afghans energy needs and it could even make the country to reach self-sufficiency and be energy exporter. In other parts of his speech, Ghani also said that the management of water zones will be strengthened in this year's national budget and every zone should be managed like a system.

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