Tuesday, 22 November 2016

AISA leopards can't change their spots

The merger between Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) and the Licensing and Intellectual Property Departments of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MOCI) shows once again that:
- some Officials at the Government of Afghanistan do not have any will to attract foreign investors and treat those already present in the Afghan market as if they were rags;
- the fight against AISA bribery and AISA disrespect towards investors remains just a fight made only by words;
- AISA was and still remain one of the most corrupt institutions of Afghanistan;
- some representatives of AISA still remain the biggest obstacle for both local and foreign investors;
- a number of Officials at departments of other ministries involved in the registration process of a foreign company are committed to continue to exasperate foreign investors till they don't give up and accept the extravagant, stressful and humiliating rules and bureocracy created by AISA or, more likely and serious, leave Afghanistan;
- AISA is not only the troubles maker for investors, or a factory of bribes or an unsuccessful Agency, but something related to what may be called organized crime.
- is going on a striking conflict (instigated by those who did the 'good life' at AISA before the merger) between the employees and managers of the Ministry and AISA for the appointment of a licensing director which leads to undermine the quality of services to be delivered to local and foreign investors. Services that before the merger procedure were efficiently and transparently delivered by the Licensing department of the MOCI.

The above is not something abstract, but it comes from the eperiences that thousands of investors have had while registering foreign or domestic businesses at AISA. And everything is confirmed-supported by facts, evidences, tens of thousands of witnesses, emails, papers and much more. And it's really disappointing to note that within a government that is receiving another $15 billion aid are happening these shameful things. It is particularly disappointing for the taxpayers of the donor countries.

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