Monday, 3 October 2016

VeilMail in Afghanistan

  • Key Features
True Security: Unlike our competitors, we don’t pass messages through standard ISP servers or use email addresses for communications. In the real world of security, these ISP touch points and associated standard addresses are the avenues for attack and data loss.

Initiate from any Device: Accessible world wide from desk top or mobile, your communications are available but never downloaded to your device. Any compromise of user equipment will not provide access to data.

Control and Delivery: When your communication has been sent you are guaranteed delivery. The communicating parties connections are untraceable and deleted data forensically unrecoverable. The sender maintains control of the data after pushing the send key, including remote deletion.

Two part Authentication: User names and passwords are augmented with SMS 6 digit access codes at the time of log in. SMS can also be utilized to notify receipt of communications if requested.

Closed Loop: Eliminates intrusion from third parties (including Government) and eliminates human error. Any communication is able to be recalled or time based deleted. 

Data Formats: Voice and video calling, instant messaging, electronic messaging and drop-box file sharing. No encryption key equals no back door access.

How is it Secured?
  • VeilMail is a software that manages peer to peer communication and global routing of all data forms. 
  • The communication between parties occurs within the server/router between virtual machine nodes in encrypted databases. 
  • The server/router can be located anywhere. 
  • The nodes transport and store your data based on the Theory of Absolute Information Security.
For further details contact 
Turner Technologies Limited
New Zealand (+64) 210242 1830 
Kabul, Afghanistan (+93) 792013370  

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