Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Afghanistan (MCIT) signed an agreement with Turkish Airlines to deliver improved postal services to Afghan citizens, businessmen and businesswomen

Afghan Post Administration signed the Agreement of Cooperation with Turkish Airlines during a press conference held on Saturday October 15, 2016.
Mr. Sayed Ahmadshah Sadat, the MCIT deputy technical minister who made the opening remarks at the conference said: “The purpose of signing the agreement is to create more facilities and deliver improved postal services to the Afghan citizens.” According to him, signing the agreement will increase the speed in transfer of the postal goods and gradually decrease the prices.
He further explained:“Heretofore, the postal shipment was carried out through Dubai and India, after this, we will be able get them transferred through Turkey as well.” He added: “ Thus, from now on, the postal packages of citizens and businessmen will be provided with less time and cheaper prices.”
Talking about future plans of MCIT, Mr. Sadaat added: “We are working towards modernization of the post, Speedy and safe transfer of the postal services both inside and outside the country, and some programs have already been designed and implemented in this regard.”

Mr. Jamal Muradian, Director for international transfers of Turkish Airlines talked on behalf of the company, and said that “signing of the agreement between MCIT and the Company will provide facilities and faster shipments for Afghan Postal packages abroad with cheaper prices.” To transfer Afghan goods to other countries, we have signed agreement with other government organizations earlier”, he added.
Mr. Muradian emphasized: “by signing this agreement we will help Afghan Post Administration towards delivering standard services and, eventually, this will bring more competition in the postal market.”
Mr. Ahmad Wahid Wais, Director Afghan Post called document as a great step towards improvement in postal services. He said: “having signed this Agreement, the transmission speed of services overseas will increase and thus, will gradually reduce the prices for the customers. I am sure that the new route will also create more opportunities for national businessmen and traders to send their samples as postal packages to their intended destinations.”

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