Sunday, 2 October 2016

Afghanistan's historical sites need reconstruction

The Head of Information and Culture of the northern Afghan province Balkh, Mr Saleh Mohammad Khaliq, said on Saturday 1st October that 120 historical monuments and ancient sites can be found in the province but that many are in need of repair.
According to Khaliq most of the historical monuments and sites are in Balkh, Dawolat Abad, Khalm and Kushenda districts. Balkh province, which is located in the north of the country is home to almost two million people. Khaliq said that at least 60 historical sites date back to pre-Islam times. Among these, 50 percent need reconstruction. "There are more than 120 monuments and historical sites; it means 60 historical buildings are from different eras even pre-Islam," said Khaliq. However many have been reconstructed. "Fifty percent of these historical buildings have been reconstructed very well and the others need reconstruction," Khaliq added. Meanwhile a number of academics ‎have said there is a need for maintenance of these historical sites and that if attention is not paid to this, the intellectual capital of the country will be destroyed. "Every country's ancient relics is the history of the people which introduces the past to those today and this is the responsibility of each generation and government to pay attention to the maintenance of these ancient relics," said Mabina Khairandish one historian. "The monuments link and connect the past with the present and future generations and this is one of the government's responsibilities to maintain the monuments," said Habibullah another academic. Meanwhile Balkh culture and information department said that dozens of historical sites and monuments have been reconstructed with the aid of America, Turkey, Norway and Holland and efforts are under way to keep them from being destroyed.

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