Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Afghanistan Gov launched a major housing project to attract $200 mln in the carpet weaving sector of the country by committing 8 thousand acres of land

The Minister of Urban Development and Housing, Mr Syed Sadat Mansoor Naderi, said that government has responded positively to one of the main needs and demands of the carpet weaving sector of the country by commiting 8 thousand acres of land that will pave the way to attract $200 million in this sector. Speaking during a ceremony for the inauguration of the project, Minister Naderi promised to take all necessary actions for preparing plans for the ascertained areas and establishment of infrastructures. Minister Naderi further added each thread of the Afghan carpet represents the wealthy culture and rare arts of the Afghan nation which has presented the national identity of the country on global level besides remaining one of the main exports products of Afghanistan. He admitted that the carpet weaving sector of the country suffered the most as the other sectors during the decades of war and lack of necessary support during the past years that led to the destruction and embezzlement of the product. Naderi said the outsiders are gaining the most benefits out of the Afghan carpets besides they are given trademarks of the other countries as they are exported in global markets. According to Naderi, the government’s support towards the carpet weaving sector could not only improve the trade of Afghan carpets but will also help to develop other sectors including agriculture, livestock and trade. He emphasized that the growth of carpet weaving sector will also create job opportunities for thousands of Afghan people. In conclusion, Minister Naderi thanked President Ghani for his support in paving the way for the implementation of the one of the main ambitions of the Afghan people, specifically those working in the carpet weaving sector.

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