Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Afghanistan National Unity Government (NUG)'s preparation for Brussels Conference on the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

While it is about 20 days until the key conference on Afghanistan due to be held in Belgium capital, Brussels, some lawmakers and political analysts view the Afghan government’s preparation for the event as expository.
The conference will provide a platform for Afghan government to set out its vision and track record on its eleven commitments made in London and Warsaw conferences, and an opportunity for the international community to pledge fresh and sustained political and financial support to Afghanistan. Qudratullah Zaki, a lawmaker, stated that the National Unity Government (NUG) has made commitments with the international community in various areas such as the fight against corruption, economic development and growth, security, expenditure of donor funds, human and women’s rights and several other realms; however, none of them have been fulfilled. "Establishing the specialized Anti-Corruption Justice Center (ACJC) is a symbolic move with no practical results, and the fact that Afghanistan ranked the world’s third most corrupt country indicates that the NUG has done nothing in the fight against corruption over the past two years," Zaki uttered. According to him, the majority of ministries have spent less than 20 percent of their development budgets over the three quarters of the fiscal year. Zaki said the security situation has deteriorated multifold, violence against women has further increased, and Afghanistan was moving on the path to lose the gains of the last several years. A military expert, Gharzai Khwakhogai, however, stressed that the international community might inevitably pledge their support for Afghanistan despite the government's lifeless and flimsy preparation for the Brussels Conference. "Only the Ministry of Finance (MoF) has partly made the necessary arrangements for the Brussels Conference; other ministries and agencies which are responsible for giving explanations on their plans and program are making symbolic efforts, yet the US and other international donors will pledge more assistance with Afghanistan because they have no option if they wish not to be discredited globally," Khwakhogai expressed to The Heart of Asia. He believed that if the international community portrayed a real image of problems in Afghanistan to the world, they would be unable to provide answers to their nations because Afghanistan was moving on a wrong direction despite the spending of billions of dollars here. Calling the arrangements for the Brussels Conference comprehensive, the MoF assured that the problem of budget spending would also be addressed soon. Ajmal Abdul Rahimzai, the MoF spokesperson, told The Heart of Asia, "With regard to the budget, I can say that most of the development budget is spent in last quarter of the fiscal year because in the former quarters, only contracts could be signed, and projects launched." Meanwhile, the political analysts also deem peace talks with the Hizb-e-Islami Gulbuddin party as part of the government’s expository preparation for the Brussels Conference.
Written by Heart of asia

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