Sunday, 25 September 2016

Afghan Government to launch USD 1 billion CITIZENS' CHARTER Program

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, on Sunday 25 September 2016, inaugurated the USD 1 billon CITIZENS' CHARTER Program in a bit to provide substantial services to rural areas and cities of the country. The program was inaugurated by the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani during a ceremony attended by top government officials including the National Unity Government CEO Dr Abdullah Abdullah. Addressing the Officials and journalists, Ashraf Ghani said that he will provide services to all parts of the country without differentiation or discrimination. Meanwhile, CEO Abdullah Abdullah said that the launch of the CITIZENS' CHARTER Program was one of the National Unity Government's commitments and in this regard he considered the support of the people as vital for its success. CEO Abdullah Abdullah said that the launch of the program will be within a period of six months. The program will be implemented in three stages and it will take 10 years and it will cost about USD 1 billion. The Minister of Finance of Afghanistan, Mr Eklil Hakimi, while considering the program as one of the priorities of the Afghan government, said that in the first stage, about 1) USD 130,000,000 would be contributed by the Government, 2) USD 400 million from Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund which is financed by the World Bank, and 3) the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will contribute USD 100 million. The program aim to reduce the poverty in Afghanistan and to provide clean water, transport, health care and other services to the people across the 34 provinces of the country.

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