Saturday, 20 August 2016

Worth to keep doing business in Afghanistan?!

IS WORTH DOING BUSINESS IN A COUNTRY LIKE AFGHANISTAN where you are constantly under stress and frustrated , where the laws are unclear, where corruption is sickening, and where many public officials are always ready to humiliate you?!

I have always been optimistic about the opportunities that the Afghan market can offer, but some problems born in recent months are encouraging me (besides thinking seriously to leave Afghanistan) to change the title of this blog from "Your BUSINESS in and with AFGHANISTAN" into "You are a fool if you do BUSINESS in or with AFGHANISTAN" - and

the subtitle from "There is no country in the world with greater UNTAPPED ECONOMIC POTENTIAL than Afghanistan" into "There is no country in the world with greater DISRESPECT FOR INVESTORS AND TAXPAYERS than Afghanistan".

When patience will exceed the red line, it may be you can earn more money by advising foreign investors NOT TO COME TO AFGHANISTAN, rather than working like a donkey (!) trying to attract them in doing business in A COUNTRY THAT TREATS YOU LIKE A RAG.

I hope my Afghan friends do not get offended, but unfortunately this is the bitter reality of this [your] country.
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