Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Over 150 Afghan entrepreneurs ready to invest in Chabahar seaport in Iran

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan announced that at least 150 Afghan entrepreneurs are ready to invest in Chabahar seaport in Iran. Spokesperson of the ministry said that Afghan entrepreneurs are provided with the needed facilities for investment by both the Iranian and Afghan governments. “The investors will get all the support needed to encourage them to invest. They are also exempted from paying taxes to help boost investment in the port,” said the Spokeperson at the ministry. One of the major issues facing the investors was the lack of sufficient spaces for their goods and ships. According to the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI), the issue is now resolved. Iran authorities have also promised to provide lands, visas and any other facilities to Afghan businessmen. The port will allow landlocked Afghanistan to get access to the Iranian port as an alternative to the Pakistani seaport of Karachi. It will also provide Indian with another route into Afghanistan and Central Asian countries. India does not have access to Afghanistan on a land route due to opposition from Pakistan.