Friday, 5 August 2016

Business climate has improved in Afghanistan

The Chamber of Commerce and Industries of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (ACCI) said business climate has improved in the country during the ongoing solar year compared to the previous year. The CEO of ACCI, Mr Attiqullah Nusrat, said during a press conference in Kabul that they conducted a three-month survey in Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Balkh and Nangarhar provinces, interviewing 600 mid-level investors about the situation of their businesses. He said the survey shown the business climate in the country had improved during the first three months of the solar year from minus 23 to minus 6. The survey found that the business situation in a number of provinces like Kandahar, Nangarhar and Herat was progressing and it was opposite in Kabul and Balkh. But in overall, all investors were optimistic about their business future. The CEO said that investors had expressed their satisfaction with regard to Government’s promises with them, but they identified insecurity and market collapse as big problems. “Those investors interviewed said that due to insecurity, businessmen are unwilling to invest because whenever there are blasts, suicide attacks, kidnapping and murders, these create hurdles to businesses and lead to the collapse of bazaars.” The CEO of ACCI said though practical steps in support of the private sector were yet to be taken, altough local investors were optimistic about their future. He also urged the government to pay special attention to their needs and prioritize problems being faced by the investors.