Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Too many contracts in Afghanistan awarded to unqualified companies

The President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani cancels contracts of 3 dams citing progress, quality issues
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has cancelled the contracts for 3 dams and has ordered the Ministry of Energy and Water to launch a new and speedy process for the completion of the remaining works of the dams. The Administrative Office of the President (AOP) said the contracts for the construction of Almar, Machalgho and Pashdan were previously awarded.However AOP said the contracts works had turned into an issue due to work progress and quality of the works.According to a statement by AOP, the contractors of the mentioned dams will also be fined and the Ministry of Energy and Water and the Ministry of Finance were instructed to resolve the issue of the residents Pashdan dam.In the meantime the National Procurement Commission approved 6 contracts worth 490 million AFN which include the modification of second turbine installation for Kajaki dam, procurement of 1 million passports for machine readers, procurement of food items for hostels and hospitals and other items. This comes as President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani earlier said work on key infrastructure projects including construction of water dams will start in accordance with the available resources.During a meeting of the National Procurement Commission (NPC) late in March this year, President Ghani reviewed a report by the Ministry of Energy and Water regarding the construction of 29 large, medium and small water dams. President Ghani said necessary measures will be put in place for the start of key infrastructure projects, considering a balance and the available resources. The Ministry of Finance was given the task to take necessary steps for the arrangement of funds for the said projects while the Ministry of Energy and Water was instructed to seek ways in attracting private sector investments as well for the implementation of the projects.