Sunday, 3 July 2016

Qatar and China build 11,000 residential units in Afghanistan

The Ministry of Urban Development Affairs of Afghanistan announced that construction works of 11,000 residential units would kick off in the current solar year.
The Minister of Urban Development, H.E. Syed Sadat Mansoor Naderi, said 10,000 residential units would be built by China in the coming three months upon conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding. He added that the agreement with Qatar on the construction of 1,000 residential units was concluded and construction work was expected to start soon. Explaining his plans for the solar year 1395, Naderi said his ministry would focus on creation of jobs, economic momentum and bringing positive changes in the perspective of the cities. He also promised to bring changes to the urban master plan in order to ensure it meets the needs and demands of the people. Naderi also added that the Ministry of Urban Development Affairs has managed to spend 49% of its annual budget during the solar year 1394, which is considerably higher than the solar year 1393 where only 17% of the budget was spent. He said the main challenges of the Ministry of Urban Development Affairs included lack of security, corruption and flight of capital from the country.
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