Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Afghanistan reviewing major corruption cases involving politicians

The Afghan government is reportedly working on at least 20 major corruption cases involving highly political influential figures. According to a report by BBC’s Afghanistan service, the government is currently reviewing the cases of powerful individuals which includes former ministers. The report further added that the suspects are having extensive political support and the review of the cases comes as the Afghan government has committed to uproot corruption as part of its commitment to international community. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani appeared in a press conference after returning from the NATO Warsaw summit in Poland. He promised to bring reforms to different sectors of the and to abolish corruption in the country. “We are working on bringing reforms to different sectors, and to abolish corruption in Afghanistan,” President Ghani said. President Ghani insisted that “Our fight against corruption is legal, not political.” This comes as the Afghan Attorney General Farid Hamidi earlier promised that a serious and speedy campaign against corruption will be launched in the near future. Speaking during a press conference late in the month of May, Hamidi said Afghanistan will witness an anti-corruption machine launch to start a major fight against the growing corruption in the country. Afghanistan has been consecutively placed among the top three nations with most corruption during the recent years by international organizations combating corruption. President Ghani pledged a strict anti-corruption measure shortly after he was elected as the new President of the country, calling the growing graft a major barrier to implement reforms and bring changes.
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