Saturday, 4 June 2016

Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) forcefully sends Daesh hungry criminals to carry out terrorist attacks in Afghanistan

DAESH - a miserable group of bastards
and criminals backed by Pakistani Intelligence
with the tacit consent of the CIA-DIA-DEA-NSA
The breakaway Taliban groups who pledged allegiance to the Daesh terrorist group in Afghanistan less than two years ago are turning into new "trump cards" for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the Pakistan’s notorious spy-Criminal agency.
ISI has given the Pakistan-based Daesh militants a one-month ultimatum to cross the Durand Line, and join the Afghan war. Since the beginning of the solar year, many of the insurgents who had been sent to Afghanistan to fight have either been killed or are trying to retreat as a result of a fierce resistance from Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) in many provinces; however, those retreating are not allowed entry to Pakistan by ISI. Meanwhile, the Pakistan’s infamous intelligence agency has recently shifted the families of Daesh terrorists stationed in Afghan refugee camps to other secure areas, and held them hostage in a bid to force the fighters fight for Pakistan in Afghanistan. Claiming that the families were relocated to other safe areas two months ago, the sources revealed: “They will be held hostage by Pakistan’s intelligence agency for as long as it wishes. The fighters are told that they have no option, but to fight in Afghanistan this year.” A freelance journalist in eastern Nangarhar province who wished not to be named said that horses were being used to transport supplies ad weapons to Daesh fighters from Pakistan. “Every day, weapons and food items are transported on two to 30 horses to Afghanistan through the Momand Dara, Pesha, Shadal and Pando mountainous areas of Achin district, where Daesh militants hold sway. They have mounted heavy weaponry on mountaintops making it difficult for Afghan security forces to purge those areas of them." Calling the activities of Daesh in eastern provinces as worrisome, tribal elders say they have also heard rumors about the arrival of new fighters to the areas under militant control. A tribal elder, Hazrat Gul, expressed: “The support and supply of weapons and food stuff to Daesh from across the Durand Line is not something new. They have been supported since making inroads into Nangarhar.” While Afghan security forces report killing almost ten Daesh fighters in Nangarhar on a daily basis, this brutal group not only has not been weakened, but it also has intensified the recruitment of new fighters. According to local residents, if Afghan forces don’t crack down on the group, they will have a very tough summer.
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