Sunday, 5 June 2016

Criticism in Afghanistan over new employment program for bypassing civil service law

A number of officials from the Labor and Social Affairs Department have lost their posts on the basis of the new employment program “Capacity Building for Results (CBR)”. The officials from 22 different posts have slammed the new employment program for bypassing the civil service law. “I was appointed four years ago as a director of the labor and social affairs [in Badakhshan province] through a transparent process,” Pajhwok Afghan News quotes Mr Abdul G.. Mr. Abdul added that he was replaced despite his qualifications and without taking the civil service employees law into consideration. Another official from Sar-e-Pul province said his post would be filled through a competitive exam without evaluating his performance or observing the law of civil service employees. Some of the protesting officials have accused the new system of appointing their own friends and relatives to the positions. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has regarded the accusations as baseless and said that the CBR program was supported by the Government of Afghanistan and the Word Bank. Funded by the World Bank, the “Capacity Building for Results (CBR)” has been approved in 2011 at a total cost of USD 100,000,000. The main objective of the CBR Facility Project for Afghanistan is to assist the government in improving the capacity and performance of select line ministries in carrying out their mandates and delivering services to the people of Afghanistan. This should be achieved through the implementation of specific capacity and institution building programs, which include systematic monitoring of and reporting on results. The project will support the Afghan government’s effort to improve the capacity and performance of core line ministries responsible for national priority programs. The grant will help finance the costs associated with (i) technical assistance for preparation and implementation of capacity building programs; (ii) recruitment of managerial, common function and professional staff for key positions in selected line ministries; (iii) a management internship program; (iv) training of civil servants; and (v) project management, monitoring and evaluation. The proposed project is aimed at sustained capacity building of selected line ministries with appointment of over 2,000 managerial, common function and professional staff on term contract for key civil service positions, and a management internship program.
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