Monday, 30 May 2016

The President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani issues new Decree on the implementation of TUTAP power transmission project

The Afghan President Dr Ashraf Ghani has issued a new decree regarding the implementation of the TUTAP power transmission project after receiving new findings from the Review Commission. According to the decree, the 220kV (double circuit) power transmission line having a capacity of 300MW will pass through Doshi to central provinces of Afghanistan. Work on the 220kV transmission line will kick off in June and must be concluded by solar year 1398. The decree adds that substation will be installed in central Bamiyan province start of June and must be concluded during the solar year 1398. A power distribution network, supplying electricity to at least 20,000 families in Bamiyan, must be constructed. Work on the distribution network begins in June of this year and must be completed by 1398. As per the decree, Afghan Finance Ministry is responsible to include the budget for the project in its mid-year budget for the year 1395 review and present to the parliament. Relevant institutions are instructed to present a plan for the construction of electricity supply network in other central provinces of Afghanistan and submit the plan to the cabinet for approval within the next six months. The decree further adds that a thermal power factory should also be built in Eshpeshta area of Bamiyan Province, and a 500kV transmission line should be built from Eshpeshta to Arghandi. Work on the 500kV transmission line from North to South will resume after completion of the project’s technical and procurement procedure in the next 30 months and on the basis of findings of the commission.

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