Sunday, 29 May 2016

The mega-project 'Kabul New City' shall introduce change in the socio-economic and cultural lives of Afghans

Kabul New City
Real Estate’s next BIG THING
Afghanistan’s Reconstruction efforts in the past years have been temporary and lacking future providences. Afghanistan is mountainous country with a pleasant climate for living and agriculture. The country’s mountains are home for majority of poor where muddy huts are built despite precious resources inside those mountains. So far, the urban development projects in Afghanistan have not been sustainable. The vision behind those projects has been majorly concentrated towards provision of shelter and quick revenues in the short term. No proper consideration has been given towards development of standard infrastructure and public facilities. These projects in principal have failed to create a change in the economic, social and cultural environment of the country. But now the time has reached to divert the efforts towards planning and implementation of sustainable projects. Implementation of Kabul New City in the next 30 years will not only resolve the housing crisis in Kabul but this historic approach is counted a start for introducing a major and fundamental change in the Afghan society and economy.
In a broader vision, the Kabul New City shall introduce change in the socio-economic and cultural lives of the Afghans. As a standard city, the Kabul New City shall provide the utmost living conditions, education, employment, production, trade and recreational services to its residents. The Kabul New City features development of a sustainable city in the history of Afghanistan which shall be managed towards realistic business and economic approaches while generating lucrative revenues for the city, residents, private developers and government. The Kabul New City would utilize the experiences from other major urban development projects of the world. The City shall implement modern methodologies for operations and maintaining the city which would manage the city from tiring out. Development of quality Infrastructure specifically water and energy sources are two of the major vital issues which shall be addressed while development of the New City. So far, the DCDA has been able to identify water sources for the city which shall provide around 650 MCM water for the Kabul Metropolitan Area (Kabul New City and Existing Kabul City). In addition to the existing sources of energy, the New City shall utilize renewable sources of energy generation and design the housing units with less energy requirements. Unlike other major cities of the world like Dubai, Islamabad, New Delhi, Astana… etc, the Kabul New City is envisaged at creating a socio-economic change in Afghanistan as a result of change in the environment and lifestyle of the residents. As the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day,” the process of Planning and Implementing of a standard and functional City requires time and efforts in all social, economic and technical sectors. Realistic approaches towards planning and development of a city requires accurate researches and studies. Likewise Planning and Development of the Kabul New City acquires great efforts and endurance through all involved stakeholders. The Kabul New City shall be built with the endurance of Afghan people, government, private sector and International Community. Implementation of this mega project requires utilization of all internal and international resources in order to realize the creation of a visibly successful and sustainable model of Afghan development.
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