Thursday, 19 May 2016

Ms Mogherini reaffirms € 200,000,000 annual EU aid to Afghanistan

EU taxpayers continue to hope that
their money is being used
to help the people of Afghanistan
The European Union reaffirmed €200 million in annual to Afghanistan until 2020 as Finance Minister Eklil Hakimi signed a new agreement worth €125 million in the framework of mutual accountability.
The reaffirmed commitment and announcement of fresh aid were announced during Hakimi’s visit to Brussels on 12th May, the Ministry of Finance said. “ H.E. Eklil Hakimi during his trip to Brussels met EU HRVP Ms. Federica Mogherini and the ministers of Foreign Affairs and Development of the 28 EU Member States during the EU Foreign Affairs Committee’s session on May 12th 2016,”  MoF said in a statement. The statement further added Mr. Hakimi briefed the session on the upcoming Brussels Conference on Afghanistan (4-5 October), presented the new Afghan National Development Framework and talked about the recent economic achievements of the National Unity Government. “At the end of the session HRVP Mogherini underlined the EU’s continued engagement with Afghanistan, both politically and financially with a high level of development assistance (EUR 200 million per year until 2020),”  the statement said. Ms. Mogherini stressed that “helping Afghanistan not only helps the Afghan people, but it is also an investment into our security and stability in Europe”.  “During his visit to the EU Council, he briefed the media about the Afghan Government’s expectations out of the forthcoming Brussels Conference on Afghanistan,”  the statement said, adding that Mr. Hakimi also attended a meeting with the Civil Society Organizations and talked about the role of the CSOs in Afghanistan’s development and future. “And at the end of the day H.E. Hakimi signed an incentive program agreement in the framework of mutual accountability, amounting EUR 125 million in assistance from the EU to the Afghan Government, with the EU Development Coordination Asia, Central Asia, Middle East/Gulf and Pacific Director Mr. Pierre Amilhat,”  the statement said.

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