Thursday, 26 May 2016

Construction of Khwajah Rawash residential project in Kabul to be completed in 90 days

The Ministry of Urban Development Affairs of Afghanistan (MUDA) said Thursday that the construction work of Phase-I of Khwajah Rawash residential project will be completed in 90 days. According to MUDA, an agreement was signed on Thursday between the Ministry of Urban Development Affairs, Afghanistan Urban Water Supply Corporation, Da Breshna Sherkat, and the heads of contractor of Khwajah Rawash. A statement by MUDA said the agreement was signed in the presence of representatives of owners of the apartments. The statement further added that the Phase-I construction work of the project will conclude in 90 days with the Breshna Sherkat to provide electricity and the Afghanistan Urban Water Supply Corporation to work on the water supply of the project. The remaining works of the project will be carried out by the other contractors, including clearance of the apartments and creation of landscapes for the project, MUDA said. MUDA earlier said the Phase-I of the housing project in Khwajah Rawash was supposed to be completed in the month of May 2013 but the project works was delayed due to administrative issues and increase of blocks from 30 to 77, consisting of 1,944 apartments. The majority of the contractors failed to complete the construction work, mainly due to lack of financial capability but the Ministry of Urban Development Affairs accepted all demands of the contractors including advance payments in a bid to accelerate the construction work, a statement by MUDA said earlier in July last year. According to MUDA, the construction work of 20 building blocks concluded earlier and were inaugurated and at least 45 more building blocks will inaugurated once the work is over in 90 days.
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