Monday, 30 May 2016

Afghanistan to launch anti-corruption campaign

The Attorney General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mr. Farid Hamidi, announced that a serious and speedy campaign against corruption will be launched in the near future.
The Attorney General was speaking during a press conference in Kabul where he promised that the government will accelerate fight against graft in the country. Afghanistan will witness an anti-corruption machine launch to start a major fight against the growing corruption in the country, he said at the press conference. These remarks by the Attorney General come a day after has been announced that 40 attorney generals were replaced or newly appointed in over 15 provinces of Afghanistan.
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It should be noted that corruption in Afghanistan has begun to take shape as a national plague since US advisers, inspectors and economic strategists began to work within almost all Afghanistan's state institutions. This also explains why the majority of international tenders relating to projects in Afghanistan funded by USAID or other International Organizations, are almost always been won by American private companies or by unskilled companies-from other countries-whose managers and representatives in Afghanistan have close ties with such advisers, inspectors or economic strategists.