Sunday, 24 April 2016

Taliban, a bunch of murderers and smugglers

Taliban are murderers and smugglers who act under control of Pakistani Intelligence and International Organized Crime. All suicide bombers are illiterate and mentally unstable who have been brainwashed by Pakistani Intelligence with tacit consent of their colleagues from America.

And the time has come for the International Community and the People of Afghanistan to realize that the US has never lifted a finger against the Taliban or any other criminal-terrorist groups operating on the territory of Afghanistan and Pakistan, as illicit drugs production in Afghanistan increased almost 50 times, and Afghan heroin has killed more than 1,2 million people worldwide since the US occupied Afghanistan and began its ambiguous ‘War on Terror’ in 2001.
  • On the contrary, the US has made them [terrorists and criminals] grow.
The Taliban and other criminal-terrorist groups such like al Qaeda (To be noted that in 2012, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton very publicly admitted to the engineering and funding of Al-Qaeda by the US government as a tactical weapon of war in Afghanistan) have now control over almost all the production and trade of Afghan narcotics, and have tremendously strengthened their power due to revenues from international drug trafficking.

Moreover, in Afghanistan is dramatically growing up the number of bastards and criminals loyal to Daesh (ISIS), whose one of the main targets is to get total control over the natural resources of Afghanistan and all the quarries and mines currently controlled by Taliban murderers and their smuggler-Patrons from Pakistani Military Intelligence and government.

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