Sunday, 13 March 2016

VeilMail ... quite simply, there is nothing like it

In 2014, VeilMail's team of privacy engineers surprised leading security authorities. Its impenetrable architecture broke the old mould and gave rise to its enviable reputation as the Fort Knox of Privacy Control.
Today, VeilMail is the preeminent standard by which the industry must define the next generation best practice in Privacy.
VeilMail's security has the highest level of integrity based on unique set theory code. This is backed up by rigorous product testing by Cyber Research, one of Australasia's leading security assessment authorities.

VeilMail provides encrypted secure:
  • E-mail exchanges with auto delete or archiving
  • Instant Messaging
  • Drop-box file sharing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Audio/Visual Communications
Features specific to VeilMail:
  • Delete means untraceable
  • Installed in minutes
  • No e-mail addresses, No encryption keys
  • Auto Encryption
  • Mobile Usage
  • Closed Loop communications
CLOSED LOOP means eliminating your threats:
  • Two Part Authentication
  • No Ransomware
  • No Phishing or Whaleing
  • No accidental message forwarding
  • No trace of communication on users devices
Thus VeilMail has the highest level of security integrity in communications on the market today