Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Trafficking of foreign currency out of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is growing up

The Money-changers Union in Kabul and the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries expressed their deep concern over trafficking of foreign currency through airports in Afghanistan. According to Law, no one may take by cash more than USD 20,000 out of Afghanistan without having permission. Officials from the Money-changers Union in Kabul's Sarai-e-Shahzada said an increase in trafficking of foreign currency has affected the value of the Afghani and led to currency instability in exchange markets. "Unfortunately, trafficking of foreign currency out of Afghanistan is underway by different people through different ways - via airports and borders,"  said the head of the Money-changers Union. The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce also warned that trafficking of foreign currency will have a negative impact on investment in Afghanistan and alleged that mostly strongmen are involved in trafficking of the currency out of the country. They accused the government, particularly police, of negligence in preventing the trafficking of foreign currency. "We have constantly said that trafficking of money should be prevented. Illegal trafficking of money out of Afghanistan has decreased investment and led to instability in exchange markets,"  said the spokesman for the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Trafficking of money has always been a matter of concern in Afghanistan and recently, Qatar policemen, identified three Afghan citizens in connection with trafficking of USD 1,680,000 in Doha airport.