Sunday, 13 March 2016

Russia ready to supply large quantities of petroleum products to Afghanistan

Afghanistan fuel imports map
Russian Deputy Minister of Energy, Yury Sentyurin, said that the Russian Federation could easily supply from 1 to 1,5 million tons of oil products to Afghanistan on  annual basis.
Russia's contribution will help considerably to meet the demand of Afghanistan which is around 6 million tons per year. Russian Deputy Minister of Energy underlined that Afghanistan consumes about 3 million tons per year, and that the other 3 million tons are destined to the needs of the coalition forces. Pointing out that Russia does not intend to supply Afghanistan with all of the 6 million tons of oil products, Sentyurin said “I don't think that we have to monopolize the market; we have proposed an idea to our Afghan partners to create a strategic national reserve.”

During the last two years, Russia has made significant efforts to strengthen trade, social and economic relations with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and recently agreed to turn a long-standing debt payable by Afghanistan into a non-refundable aid.