Monday, 29 February 2016

The International Taste & Quality Institute: Afghan saffron is the best in the world

The production of saffron in Afghanistan is expected to surpass 4,000 kg this year, with Officials expressing optimism that the rise of saffron production could help Afghan farmers to leave the illicit opium cultivation.
The latest prediction comes in line with President Ashraf Ghani’s commitment to support the agriculture sector. The increase of saffron production could help the farmers to boost their income by opting legal cultivation over illicit products such as opium.
Saffron cultivation will not only help the Afghan farmers increase their income but will help Afghanistan become self-sufficient with the export of the product, besides production and export of other agricultural products. The International Taste & Quality Institute named Afghanistan’s saffron the best in the world for the third consecutive year in mid 2015. The award, in the form of a 3 Star Certificate, was given to Afghanistan saffron after testing about 300 samples.