Monday, 7 December 2015

Technology competition for Afghan citizens

The US Embassy in Afghanistan announces the '2016 Global Innovation' technology competition for Afghan citizens. Innovators and entrepreneurs with an idea or startup that addresses a problem connected to science and technology innovation, such as the environment, health, agriculture, water, energy, or space science, are encouraged to submit their projects to the competition, starting December 7, 2015. The competition is an opportunity for young Afghans to potentially showcase their work on an international stage. Information about how to enter the competition can be found here.

SC Jalil Holding SRL è la prima ed unica società europea che promuove e vende i tuoi prodotti e servizi in Afghanistan. La società è operativa sul territorio dell'Afghanistan con una propria filiale. 
Per ulteriori informazioni su come sviluppare i tuoi affari in Afghanistan, contattami al cellulare afghano +93792013370 o con un SMS al cellulare italiano +393494517705 oppure scrivendomi a ivotoniut[at] - Grazie, Ivo Toniut, AD Jalil Holding.