Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Construction works of Kamal Khan dam in Nimroz province of Afghanistan successfully completed after 49 years

Kamal Khan dam was one of the major development projects of Afghanistan. Afghan government is in search of financial sources to fund the third phase of the dam. With the completion of the third phase Afghan government will be able to control Helmand river’s water. The Kamal Khan dam consists of three phases: the first phase was completed by a Tajik construction company in 2012, and the second phase was completed in 2015. The completion of the construction of the second phase was delayed due to lack of funds. The dam has the capacity to produce 8.5MW of electricity and to irrigate 80,000 hectares of land. The dam is being constructed on the Helmand River in Chahar Burjak district of Nimroz province. The construction work on the vital project had begun in 1973 but held in abeyance due to country’s security situation.

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