Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The best electronic communications system for VIPs in the banking and finance sector of Afghanistan

Most of the things that we send everyday are electronically naked and when these communications are observed, they can be intercepted, they can be abused, they can be subverted to purposes that are contrary to the intent of the person who originally sent it. VeilMail is the only way you can be sure. It bypasses conventional email systems, providing a totally unpryable, unspyable, unleakable electronic communications system.

For more info mail to jalilholding_srl@veilmail.com

SC Jalil Holding SRL è la prima ed unica società europea che promuove e vende i tuoi prodotti e servizi in Afghanistan. La società è operativa sul territorio dell'Afghanistan con una propria filiale. 
Per ulteriori informazioni su come sviluppare i tuoi affari in Afghanistan, contattami al cellulare afghano +93792013370 o con un SMS al cellulare italiano +393494517705 oppure scrivendomi a ivotoniut[at]gmail.com - Grazie, Ivo Toniut, AD Jalil Holding.