Thursday, 5 November 2015

No privacy at all? Tired of surveillance? Get the only electronic communication system nobody can access!

No worries, VeilMail arrived in Afghanistan. VeilMail is unlike any other electronic communication system on the market and offers an unprecedented level of security. With VeilMail, your communication goes directly to your recipients; from your machine straight to theirs. It does NOT go via an ISP provider meaning the point most vulnerable to hacking and prying, is bypassed.

The benefits of VeilMail

  • Total security - The ability to restrict devices the user utilizes to accessing/view the secure communication.
  • Total control - Ability to restrict end user printing forwarding, copying and pasting, and deleting.
  • Delete means delete - With conventional email, a copy remains on your hard drive and the recipient’s hard drive, where it can be deliberately or inadvertently found. With VeilMail, when you select ‘auto delete’, it means delete; it can not be forensically traced.
  • No transmission trail - Unlike conventional email, your message is not saved on a computer’s hard drive or on a mobile phone, so once you’ve deleted it, your message leaves no trail to trace.
  • No transmission fail - Your computer connects directly to the recipient’s computer with no intermediary. If the message has left the sender, then the recipient will have received it. No email addresses and a closed circuit user list eliminates wrongful delivery.
  • Preset auto deletion - At any time before, during or after the transmission of a secure message, you can delete it from your end, or pre-set it to self-destruct at a time of your choosing. You can also delete it if not opened after a selected period.
  • Additional security via two types of encryption, one for data storage and another for communication.

How VeilMail gives you total security

  • No Email Addresses - VeilMail is a closed loop secure communication system with no email addresses, eliminating the opportunity for outside party contact.
  • No Local Storage - Mail is not stored locally on a user’s machine, neither is it cached. 
  • No Email Hosting service - The sole purpose of the VeilMail server is user authentication and key exchange management. VeilMail does not deploy any hosted email server for storing user email.
  • NO SMTP Server - VeilMail avoids using SMTP server or any other standard such as IMAP or POP3.
  • Abstract Security Layer - VeilMail runs on an AIC virtual machine (a proprietary development) which itself is an abstract security layer.
  • Self Managed Nodes - There is no centralized database for storing data - each account manages it’s own messages.
  • Encryption - VeilMail provides two types of encryption, one for data storage and another for communication.
  • Completely Private - The administrator of the system cannot access/engage in private messages between any two users. Unique functions in VeilMail sets it from all others.

To learn more about how to communicate in complete confidence, please contact SC Jalil Holding SRL, VeilMail Exclusive Sales Agent in Iran and Afghanistan:

Phone: +93(0)792013370

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SC Jalil Holding SRL è la prima ed unica società europea che promuove e vende i tuoi prodotti e servizi in Afghanistan. La società è operativa sul territorio dell'Afghanistan con una propria filiale. 
Per ulteriori informazioni su come sviluppare i tuoi affari in Afghanistan, contattami al cellulare afghano +93792013370 o con un SMS al cellulare italiano +393494517705 oppure scrivendomi a ivotoniut[at] - Grazie, Ivo Toniut, AD Jalil Holding.

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