Saturday, 28 November 2015

Iran is going to launch new five liquefied natural gas factories over the next 3 years

The Islamic Republic of Iran is planning to increase its share in global gas trade by launching five liquefied natural gas (LNG) factories over the next 3 years. The Managing director of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), Hamidreza Araqi, made the remarks during the International Gas Union’s (IGU) natural gas working group, adding currently Islamic Republic of Iran exports gas to three neighboring countries including Azerbaijan Republic, Armenia and Turkey and will start natural gas exports to Iraq in near future. He said negotiations are underway for exports of natural gas to five other neighboring countries as well, including Afghanistan. Iran’s gas output will hit as much as 330 billion cubic meters in 2017 which in turn will raise the capacity for natural gas exports. NIGC has development of four gas storage projects on the agenda of which two projects have come online so far. More than 35 companies from the Netherlands have expressed their willingness for participation in the gas storage, oil refineries, gas pressure stations, smart metering systems and gas technology projects of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Referring to LNG projects, the Managing director of the National Iranian Gas Company said Iran LNG project is underway with 60 percent physical progress, expressing hope the project to be launched in next one and a half years. "Right now 30 countries have sent their representatives to Tehran for taking part in gas usage working group of IGU which is focused on efficiency in natural gas consumption, natural gas use by power plants and cooperation between gas consumers and producers",  he said.

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