Friday, 6 November 2015

After successful completion of first 100-Day Action Plan, the Minister of Urban Development Affairs and Housing of Afghanistan presents second plan

The Minister of Urban Development Affairs and Housing of Afghanistan (MUDA), Sayed Mansour Naderi, presented his second 100-Day Action Plan to public after the successful completion of the first one. Minister Naderi said in a press conference that the achievements accomplished through the first 100-Day Action Plan were initiating work on ‘affordable housing’ and housing system, the completion of the first phase of Khwaja Rawash residential project, completion of Khushahal Khan project, organizing the unplanned settlements and thorough review of the sources of income for the ministry. Besides this, Naderi said that steps have been taken towards registering the properties and issuing official documents to land owners.
The Minister of Urban Development Affairs and Housing said that his next 100-Day Action Plan includes keeping up the activities of the last plan with the addition of finalizing the 5-year strategic program of the Ministry, administrative reform and fighting corruption. Going into the specifics, Naderi said that an accurate assessment of the provinces in regards to the urban development and housing, strategic urban development plans for Kapisa, Samangan, Logar, Ghazni, Farah and Khost provinces are other core factors of this plan. Naderi further said that under the new plan, progress will be made on the affordable housing projects with the assistance of China and Russia and completion of construction work on the new parliament under the new plan. About the land of the ‘New Kabul City' seized by the people, Naderi said that the MUDA has made a decision in accordance with law to determine fate of the issue in coming hundred days. (more)

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