Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Afghan agricultural products grow considerably

Favorable climate, improved irrigation, provision of training for farmers and prevention of diseases are cited as major factors behind this year’s growth in agricultural production. Watermelon, melon, saffron, wheat and greenhouses have witnessed a considerable growth this year. Melon and watermelon products have increased significantly in Farah and Nimruz provinces. Growth of greenhouses has been unprecedented in Farah province. Similarly, saffron production has seen a substantial increase in Balkh province. 1,650 greenhouses are available in Farah province where 3,500 farmers are working and 800 tons of agricultural products are obtained daily. These agricultural products are exported to neighboring provinces and to countries like Iran, India, Turkmenistan and Pakistan. In the meantime, economic experts believe that a strong agriculture sector is necessary for the nation’s economic growth. An increase in agricultural products results in increase in the life standard of 85% of Afghanistan’s population. On the other hand, a high agricultural production boosts Afghanistan exports which will strengthen economy of the country. While the Ministry of Agriculture of Afghanistan reports about the dramatic increases in the country’s harvest, farmers always complain about the lack of markets for their products. Meanwhile, economic analysts say the government should also work for the establishment of markets inside and outside of Afghanistan in addition to improving agricultural production.

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