Friday, 23 October 2015

Young Afghan students with a lot of talent and a great desire to work

Solar-powered vehicle 
A polytechnical university graduate completed a project for the construction of a solar-powered vehicle after one and half year of efforts – joining a number of Afghan talents to have achievements in technological innovations. The vehicle was made by Waheedullah Sabawoon Gardizi and was put in display in Kabul’s Inter-continental Hotel during an inauguration ceremony. According to Gardizi the vehicle has been assembled to operate with solar power and electricity. Gardizi follows another young and talented Afghan man who built a solar-powered motorbike last year which could moves with the help of electricity energy obtained from the solar panels planted on the roof of the bike.
Solar-powered motorbike 
The design of the motorbike was made by the young man Mustafa and the bike could run at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. In the meantime, another young graduate of polytechnic institute in northern Jawzjan province of Afghanistan is busy to build an indigenous helicopter. Ghulam Sediq who was graduated from the polytechnic institute of Jawzjan province is busy with the project to build the helicopter. According to Sediq the work on the technical aspect of the helicopter has been completed and he is ready to build the helicopter. On the other hand, an Afghan engineer has taken an initiative to build unmanned aerial vehicle – drone and aircraft flown by pilots. Engineer Zmarai Helali has made drones and aircraft which are operated with fuel and electricity energy, and have been made by ordinary elements such as wood, clothes and electrical devices. Afghan teen Zainullah Niazi has developed a small robotic excavator in a similar innovation which was demonstrated at Afghan presidential palace in the presence of former President Hamid Karzai. (Source)

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