Sunday, 25 October 2015

The key to your successful investment in the Stone Industry of Afghanistan

IMPRESA OROSTONE is an alliance of Professionals and Consultants from different nationalities focusing on the Stone Industry of Afghanistan (particularly on Marble), and committed to work together with the common goal of:

Strengthening ties between Afghan, European, Russians and Central Asian stakeholders in the Mining Industry;

Developing investment opportunities in the Mining sector of Afghanistan to foster trade and development and improve the business climate by identifying areas where investment would be feasible;

Supporting Afghan Young Entrepreneurs of the Mining sector in advancing a more sustainable future.

IMPRESA OROSTONE's Partners and Founders are open to consider their cooperation with professionals and experts operating in the mining sector; without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, gender, age, language, religion, national or ethnic origin.

For more information contact IMPRESA OROSTONE Senior Advisor by emailing to k_elhamalawy[at]
or by calling +93(0)792013370

SC Jalil Holding SRL è la prima ed unica società europea che promuove e vende i tuoi prodotti e servizi in Afghanistan. La società è operativa sul territorio dell'Afghanistan con una propria filiale. 
Per ulteriori informazioni su come sviluppare i tuoi affari in Afghanistan, contattami al cellulare afghano +93792013370 o con un SMS al cellulare italiano +393494517705 oppure scrivendomi a ivotoniut[at] - Grazie, Ivo Toniut, AD Jalil Holding.